Thursday, November 8, 2012

egg and pancake batter divinations

Egg divination

Jack Lindsay writes in The Origins of Astrology: "Mother Earth lies in the world´s midst rounded like an egg, and all blessings are there inside her."

The egg, as a symbol of creativity, fertility, and new beginnings, is a powerful tool for magic.

Egg magic is most potent through the month of March.

For this divination spell prepare an altar with
blue cloth,
green candle,
and cauldron filled with cold, pure water.

Center, and light the candle.

Prick the small end of an egg, and let three drops of egg white fall into the water. Stir the water three times with the athame. You can divine the seeker´s future from the shapes the egg white assumes .

by Lily Gardner

Divining by pancake batter

Some Sunday morning when the family is gathered round, have each member try this:
Scoop some pancake batter in a ladle and, with your eyes closed, drizzle it onto the pan. 
Then see what shape it forms (rather like seeing pictures in clouds or tea leaves). 
Children are especially good at this.  
Of course, afterward, everybody must eat his or her fortune!

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