Thursday, November 8, 2012

mole scrying

Mole scrying

Just as mole (the mammal) usually doesn't pop up until he has a point to make, moles (the spotty type) don't pop up on your body and face unless they have a message for you. No kidding you can learn a lot about yourself simply by examining the size, colour, and locations of your moles. I've listed a few common locations below.

Mole above your eyebrow- you'll have to work hard for wealth.

Mole on the tip of your nose- you'll have a parade of sexual problems in your life.

Mole anywhere on your chin- your life will feel unfulfilled unless you're constantly travelling and trying new things

Mole underneath your eye- you'll always have problems relating to your children. Your relationship with them will more often than not be one of tolerance.

Mole on the inside of your wrist- you're a person that loves to spend money

Mole on the shoulder- Life will present you with many challenges. However, should the mole be red and more towards the back of the shoulder, you will easily rise above them.

If you're interested to learn more about this art of divination drop me an email. If I get enough requests I'll write an e-book on it and put the e-book up for sale on the website for a fair price
Lyn & Paul

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