Friday, November 9, 2012

loofah soap

1 frozen OJ container (not a can, because you'll have to peal it away)
1 long loofa sponge to fit the can
A few bars of Neutrogena soap (or you could use some glycerine bars, or any other "clear" soap you've made.)

Stuff the loofa into the OJ container. Cut the soaps into small bits (I find grating the soap a faster way to melt it) After the soap is all melted, pour it into the container. I fill it about 1/3 at a time, giving the soap time to settle and firm up. Continue until the container is almost to the top (I usually leave about 1 inch or so) After the soap had hardened completely, peel away the paper container and what you have now is a "log" of loofa.
You can now slice this into any thickness you like. I usually do 3" pieces, that makes a nice bar of soap.

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