Friday, November 9, 2012

Wish bracelet

This jewelry making project shows you how to make a wish braclet using hemp. You can also make this bracelet using seed beads the colors of chakra for a more spiritual bracelet. Need a stocking stuffer craft, put all the poeces in a gift box along with directions to assemble, or make it and give as a gift.

Hemp cord
Seed Beads

Take three pieces of hemp long enough too fit around you wrist and tie around 12 inches.

Braid about half of your wrist length. Then, while braiding, put beads on every other string you pick up.

Once the beads are on, braid the rest of the way down and tie a knot. Before tying the bracelet on your wrist, make a wish!

Then TIE the bracelet on your wrist. NEVER take it off. When it falls off on its own, your wish will come

Red = love
Green =  money
Purple = spiritual
orange = up lifting
Blue = healing
yellow = happiness
white = protection

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