Friday, November 9, 2012

Craft :make beads for bracelets, necklaces, or prayer beads

Homemade Goddess Prayer Beads

Any kind of beads can be used, but making your own has the advantage of your own personal energies going into the project! Enjoy!

1/2 cup of plain flour
1 tablespoon cooking or sea salt
3 tablespoon water
3 cups very finely chopped fresh petals or leaves of herbs
Essential oil of your choice
colors if wanted by adding food coloring

Mix the flour, salt and water together in a small bowl until it forms a firm dough. Knead in the chopped herbs and a few drops of essential oil. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for 20 minutes. Pinch off pieces of dough and shape them into tiny balls, cylinders or whatever shape you want. Gently poke a hole through the bead with a thick needle dipped in EO. Air-dry for 3-5 days of until completely hard. Apply a coat of nail varnish or similar to protect and preserve your beads and to make them gleam.

You are ready now string the beads (I find dental floss the best but very fine fishing line is good also) to make anything you desire---bracelets, necklaces, tree garlands and room dividers! Keep your Magickal Intention in mind the whole time you're making and stringing and I even sing to the beads during the processes!

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