Thursday, November 8, 2012

Midsummer Eve Pillow Divinations

 by Anna Franklin

On Midsummer Eve, various herbs and charms placed beneath your pillow
are capable of bringing prophetic dreams:

To dream of an absent lover, daisy roots should be placed under the

Place a piece of mugwort gathered on Midsummer Eve beneath your pillow
for prophetic dreams.

Wrap a piece of wax in a stocking and place it under the pillow. The
next morning melt the wax and pour it into a vial of water to set in the
sun. It will harden into a shape that shows the occupation of your
future husband.

Oak flowers on Midsummer Eve and withers before daybreak it is said.
Spread a sheet beneath the tree and catch the blossoms. Place them under
your pillow and dream of your future lover.

According to old English lore, yarrow gathered from a young man's
grave and laid under the pillow on Midsummer Eve will produce a vision
of your husband-to-be.

Placing ash leaves beneath the pillow results in prophetic dreams.

A laurel leaf placed beneath the pillow brings out prophetic dreams.

Betony placed beneath the pillow prevents nightmares, the elf sickness
inflicted by malicious fairies, and even drunkenness.

If you find a cinquefoil that has seven points (they usually have five),
it should be placed under the pillow so that you can dream of your
future partner.

Place a four-leaf clover under your pillow to dream of your perfect

According to a northern English custom, a future spouse can be
determined by putting three holly leaves, named for three suitors and
blessed in the name of the Trinity, under your pillow with the left
hand. The first leaf to have turned over in the morning should be the

Marigold petals placed under the pillow will give you prophetic dreams
and enable you to identify a thief or robber.

Mistletoe place beneath the pillow is an aid to conception and also
ensures a restful sleep and good dreams.

Placed under the pillow, rosemary ensures pleasant dreams and keeps evil

Sleeping with sage leaves under the pillow encourages prophetic dreams.

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