Sunday, November 4, 2012

Samhain spells

Samhain Spell to Bless the Bones

At Samhain, when our thoughts just naturally turn to skeletons, we perform
this spell to send a message of healing, health, and wholeness to our bones,
magically made of the earth's minerals, the firm structure that gives us
fundamental support. You may want to do this together with your family.
Encourage younger children to touch each of their bones as you name them.
You may also perform this spell on your loved ones, placing your hands
gently on each area and sending loving energy into each bone.

Stand with your knees flexed, about shoulder-width apart, and begin to sway
gently from foot to foot, back and forth, quietly, rhythmically. Bring your
awareness to the bones of your feet. There are many, many of them. They
are your primary place of connection to the Earth. As you sway, say these
words, aloud or to yourself:

Bless you,, bones of my feet.

Now become aware of your ankle bones, shin bones, knees, thigh bones. These
bones help you get from place to place:

Bless you, bones of my legs.

Bring attention to your spine, hips, ribs. These bones cradle your organs
and keep you upright.

Bless you, bones of my trunk.

Now bring your consciousness to your collarbone, shoulders, upper arms,
elbows, lower arms, wrists, and hands. So many bones. These bones help you
to do--to cook, to eat, to please others, to please yourself.

Bless you, bones of my arms and hands.

Now hold your neck and skull in your magical awareness. These bones support
and hold the wondrous head, seat of so many senses.

Bless you, bones of my neck and head.
Strength and healing to my bones.
May they serve my soul's purpose and support me on my path.
Blessed be, blessed bones.


Inviting in your Ancestors

A good time to pay homage to you ancestors is just before Samhain.

For this spell, gather at your altar or sacred space some black
Cloth, a black candle, a bowl of water, a feather, a citrine,
Amethyst or lapis lazuli crystal, and photos and mementos from your
Loved ones who have passed beyond. Place the black cloth on your
Altar or on the floor. Position the feather in the east, the candle
In the south, the bowl of water in the west, and the crystal in the
North. Arrange the photos and other objects in the middle as you
Chant or whisper:

"May my loved ones touch me again-in the kiss of a breeze, in the
Light of candle flame, in the laughter of the rain, in the ground
Beneath my feet. Spirits of air, fire, water, earth, bring my loved
Ones close again."

You may want to hold a photo or object and take time to feel the
Spirit of your loved one. Sedwin

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