Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beyonce’s Lorraine Schwartz Golden Globes Inspired Beaded Necklace Set

Red Carpet Ready Choker and Earrings by Margot Potter

This chic crystal choker was inspired by the Lorraine Schwartz design worn by Beyonce Knowles to the 2009 Golden Globes awards. I loved the way it filled in her neckline, but still left plenty of open space for light and skin to play. I had to have something like it and being the crafty gal that I am, I spent the better part of my morning devising a pattern. My version is made of Beadalon Satin Silver wire and Create Your Style CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements crystal beads and is a bit more diminutive in scale, so you can bet your sweet bippy this one is a lot more pocketbook friendly than the diamond and platinum version sported by Ms. Knowles. I can’t wait to wear this to an upcoming Swarovski Create Your Style CRYSTALLIZED™ cocktail party I’m attending in Tucson!

1 12mm crystal a/b flower pendant
9 6mm crystal a/b twist beads
36 4mm crystal a/b bicones
2 11x5.5mm crystal a/b tear drop beads (for earrings)
20 6mm crystal a/b rounds (4 for earrings)
68 4mm crystal a/b rounds (8 for earrings)
1 large silver plated swivel lobster clasp
5 6mm silver plated jump rings
9 silver plated head pins
4 silver plated eye pins (for earrings)
1 3” length silver plated rolo chain
2 silver plated crimp covers
20 silver plated size 2 crimp tubes
.015 Satin Silver Beadalon wire

2 pairs chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Crimp tool
Mighty crimp tool
Wire cutters
Bead Board

Finished size 15-18” inches with extender chain

1. It really helps to get the core of this design on your bead board so you don’t skip any beads while you’re working along the design. Here is the core pattern: Start with 9 4mm rounds then use the following pattern: 6mm round, 2 4mm rounds, 6mm round, 3 4mm rounds and continue working around the board until you’ve added your ninth 6mm, 2 4mm, 6mm segment. Follow that with 9 4mm rounds.

2. Create 4 beaded head pins each with a 6mm twist bead on the bottom followed by 4 4mm bicones. Loop the tops.

3. Create 2 beaded head pins each with a 6mm twist bead on the bottom followed by 5 4mm bicones. Loop the tops.

4. Create 2 beaded head pins each with a 6mm twist bead on the bottom followed by 6 4mm bicones. Loop the tops.

5. Create 1 beaded head pin with a 6mm twist bead on the bottom followed by 7 4mm bicones. Loop the top.

6. Attach a 20” length of .015 Satin Silver wire to your lobster clasp with a crimp tube using your crimp tool.

7. Add your 9 4mm rounds to the wire. Cut off a 3” segment of wire and create a small loop by threading the wire into a crimp tube. Use chain nose pliers to smash tube flat. Add 13 4mm rounds to the wire. Thread wire into a second crimp tube and round wire so it’s not too stiff, then thread wire into crimp tube leaving a small loop before smashing flat with chain nose pliers.

8. Thread one loop on wire. Follow by your 6mm round, 4mm round, thread on your smallest beaded loop top head pin, another 4mm round, a 6mm round and the other loop on your wire. This creates a mini beaded swag. Move down three 4mm rounds and repeat using another small beaded loop top head pin.

9. This is your pattern for swags along the necklace. Each swag is inserted before and after your 6mm rounds. The swags graduate in size along with the beaded head pins. Here is your pattern: 15 4mm round swag and loop top dangle with 5 4mm rounds, 19 4mm round swag and loop top dangle with 6 4mm rounds and center of necklace is a 25 4mm round swag with a 7 4mm round loop top dangle. Repeat pattern in mirror of opposite side.

10. When you reach your final swag, add 9 more 4mm rounds and secure your necklace closed using a crimp tube and your crimp tool around a 6mm jump ring.

11. Slide a crimp cover over the crimp at the clasp. Use mighty crimp tool to gently close the bead over the crimp. Repeat for other side.

12. Attach a 3” section of rolo chain to the jump ring side of your clasp.

13. Slide a flower bead on a 6mm jump ring and attach to the end of your chain.

14. Create coordinating earrings by sliding a 4mm round, 6mm round and 4mm round on an eye pin and looping the top. Repeat for a second segment. Slide a tear drop on a 6mm jump ring and attach to one of your beaded segments. Attach the top of the segment to another beaded segment. Attach an ear wire to the top. Repeat for second earring.

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