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Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of various types of energies. 
This transparent crystal can be found in a variety of colors

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of various types of energies. This transparent crystal can be found in a variety of colors and forms. including clear, green, pink, orange and blue.
All calcite's emanate a gentle energy - cleansing, revitalizing. Calcite opens energy channels.

Calcite stimulates the Fire Element to assist in moving blocked energy through the chakras.

Each color of calcite has specific energies:
  • White Calcite - Cleansing and healing 
Simply a  powerful amplifier and cleanser of various types of energies.
  • Green Calcite - emotional balance, stress relief 

Draw money and prosperity by burning green candles placed around green calcite for a short while each morning.

Green Calcite draws money and prosperity to your doorstep.

Healing properties of Green Calcite

Green calcite can assist in dissolving old rigid belief systems, restoring balance to your mind. It aids any transition from a stagnant to a positive environment. It is also used to stimulate the immune system and absorb negative energy (such as arthritis and bacterial infections). Crystal Healers use it with bone adjustments, and constrictions of the ligaments and muscles.
  •  Blue Calcite - psychic ability, astral travel
  • Blue Calcite:
  • Increases psychic ability
  • Assists in astral travel
  • Brings about stability
  • Calming stone
  • Stimulates trust in oneself
  • Enhances memory
  • Effective against laziness

Healing properties of Blue Calcite

Blue calcite can be used as a healing stone when worn or placed between blue or purple candles. It is often used in purification rituals. Some of its healing uses are:
  • stimulates metabolism
  • strengthens the immune system
  • stabilizes the rhythm of the heart
  • lowers blood pressure
  • dissolves pain
  • Clear Calcite (Iceland Spar) - Clarity and insight, forgiveness 
  • Clear (Iceland Spar) variety displays an optical illusion called double refraction - when you look through the crystal, it splits the light rays in two, producing a double image. For this reason, it is often used in magic rituals to double the power of a magic spell. Optical calcite amplifies images and helps you to see double meanings hidden in communication.

    Healing properties of Clear Calcite

  • Reduces tension
  • Heals the eyes
  • Relief for migraine headaches 

  • Orange Calcite - Creativity, sexuality, confidence 

Orange Calcite properties

Orange Calcite can be used to get positive energy moving in the areas of sexuality, and creativity.
Orange Calcite has strong energizing and cleansing properties.
  • Balances emotions
  • Removes fear
  • Overcomes depression
  • Dissolves problems standing in the way of achieving your best potential

Healing properties of Orange Calcite

  • Heals the reproductive system
  • Alleviates intestinal, gallbladder disorders
  • Reduces mucous
  • Honey Calcite - Persistence, intellectual power 
  •  Honey Calcite Super rich honey hue into white, calcite is a healing stone with special calming properties. It is also known for bringing better decision making abilities.
    Use it during meditation to find your spiritual path. Honey calcite is also used to facilitate astral projection.

    Honey calcite activates the root chakra, solar plexus chakra and third eye, bringing these into harmony and balance


     Pink (Mangano) Calcite - Well being, empathy, health, love 

Mangano Calcite

Mangano calcite (pink calcite) is a heart crystal. It is associated with angels.
This is a soft stone of forgiveness that brings unconditional love. It is used to:
  • Release fear and grief from the past that is trapping you
  • Assist in developing self-worth and self-acceptance
  • Heal nervous conditions
  • Lift tension and anxiety
  • Prevent nightmares

The loving energy of mangano calcite dissolves resistance. 

Red Calcite - Vitality, Power, healing, money

Red Calcite opens the base chakra, bringing vitality and increased energy.

It stimulates the senses, giving a new appreciation for physical experience. It is a grounding stone and works well in combination with hematite, ruby, red garnet, smokey quartz and black tourmaline.

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