Friday, December 28, 2012

When you drink another Coke Zero think of me and this post.

 I was telling someone on another site how I was quitting coke and she said she was hooked on Coke Zero so I checked it out. Man I quit coke for good and thank goddess I never drank that stuff.
I hate giving up my coke. but I console myself be saying the sugar and carbonation is bad for you. That should be easy for those of you who drink the zero as the the substitutes  in the  zero calories are even worse

The phosphoric acid has warning about even working with it

aspartame has been linked with many brain hemorrhaging deaths

Acesulfame K contains the carcinogen methylene chloride. Long-term exposure to methylene chloride can cause headaches, depression, nausea, mental confusion, liver effects, kidney effects, visual disturbances, and cancer in humans. There has been a great deal of opposition to the use of acesulfame K without further testing, but at this time, the FDA has not required that these tests be done.

Then there is my favorite caffeine not good but useful.

 acidity regulator (E331) is okay.

phenylalanine which is unsafe for a pregnant woman is also warned not to take for 20 weeks before you decide to get pregnant as it can cause birth defects. So twenty weeks for that crap to leave your body plus it can cause birth defects which means it affects your DNA. Forget that. If I want to die There are less painful ways than cancer, kidney and liver failure, headaches, brain lesions, and having my DNA tampered with.

I had boycotted coke because of the dreadful way they treated and treated their employees in this last election.  But I am never going back because of the health risks they take on my health without my permission.

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