Thursday, December 20, 2012

Craft ~ A Specialty Store Candle Holder

A Last minute gift idea that looks like you bought it in a specialty shop, this votive tea light is that and more. With the renewed interest in getting back to the land and living at one with Mother Earth, this craft will but only have the recipient thanking you but their friends wanting to know where you found it so they could get one. The best part it it only cost the price of a can of spray varnish, some glue, and a tea light.

It makes a wonderful meditation light, an altar light or a romantic light. It adds harmony to any decor.

This craft requires a trip to a lake or stream with running water to create the smooth this stones. Then rough cut a bottom stone to fit the size of a tea light.
Then start layering the stones around the center stone larger stones on the bottom and maybe a few oddly long stones mixed in. this one is 4 layers high.

After you figure out which stones go where and have glued them into place and it has hardened. Turn it over and cut a piece of felt to cover the bottom minus an inch. then glue on bottom.

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