Sunday, December 30, 2012

The dreaded New Years Resolution

                              My Christmas Cactus is in Full Bloom as we start into 2013.
                                 A sign that at least something still works around here.

As we start into the new year with our resolutions ready, I find most people " Do NOT" have a firm grip on reality. I was on another site and they had the question up what is your resolution for the new year. Well I wrote mine and them I looked at the other answers. Mine read like this.

My new years resolution is to shop locally and only buy American made. I plan on making all my Christmas presents next year and am asking that people giving me gifts to make something instead of buying. I quit all the companies that threatened their employees to vote their way in the past election, and also those who treat their employees badly with low wages and no insurance.  Some of the many companies I am boycotting are Chic filet, coke, Walmart and Applebees. Walmart for many reasons but mostly because a few years ago they had a ad running about buying only American made. Then they sold out and most of their stuff comes from China. Thank you A-hole Romney and his group of goons for selling out the nation. Applebees is solely  for the disrespect it has for the American people, their ads saying we don't care to know what is in their food, just eat it.

Then I looked at the six resolutions before me. All were things like I want to loose 10 pounds. (10 pounds really, my toes are about that much) four more were loose weight, and the last one was relax more. ( I can just picture him coming home after a day at a cushy job and laying around while the wife is caring for the kids, cooking dinner, washing cloths and making cookies for the school fair.) So I stand by what I said people are not dealing with reality.

We are at such a tense time on the history of the earth, the US economy is faltering, and those diet Pepsi drinking fools are wondering how that drink they just drank is making them fat. HELLO it is in the chemicals they put in it. food and drug administration are in bed together. Pass a food that makes you fat and give the public a drug to take it off. Your diet drinks are not made to make you thin just dependent on the drugs they offer for that.

A wonderful craft to start the new year off. Your kids will love doing these. They are so pretty. In the spring they will melt and give your plants a drink while they are at it. It is a pretty win-win situation.

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