Thursday, December 27, 2012

I found this site to be quite enlightening

Their articles include


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None of the articles or messages on this website
may be copied in part or total without express
permission of the author Melvyn Caryl.

Comprehensive Guide to the
Twin Soul
Part I
Comprehensive Guide to the
Twin Soul Part II

What's Wrong With Religion?

The Golden Age - 2012 and

Beyond ZZ Message #83

Levels With No Levels? How Does God Speak to Us?
Compiled from ZZ Message # 26

Creation of Souls, The Big Bang,
And Soul Group Relationships
(Who Created Zeb and Zarna)
Shielding against Evil,
Why, When and How

Potholes on the
Spiritual Path
The Symptoms of Awakening

The ZZ Family Tree
ZZ Message # 90
The Reawakening
Thoughts are Things
Protecting against Negative
Trials or Opportunities?
How to handle the tough times
though acceptance
Two, Who are One,
Who are Many

The Courage to Experience
by Sherry Koellner (Guest Author)
The Impatience to Serve
The Season of Renewal
Levels of Study--The Mission

The ZZ Attitudes
How to Discover My Mission
Centering, Shielding &
The ZZ Quotables The Paths Not Taken
Alternate Realities and Soul Fragments
What Happens When We Die? 1) Before Transition
2) The Transition-After
3) The Twin Soul Reunion
Marriage of Lights
4) Near Death Experiences Viewing
the Spirit World
5)Earth Bound Souls

Telepathy and the Matrix
Soul and Spirit

Channeling the Dragon
Celebrate your Accomplishments

The Voices of Angels 3/01-07
A Dialogue Between Caryl and Zeb,
Channeled by Mel

In Remembrance of
My Friend Boo

The Power of Love

Twin Soul Goddess

Cycles and Celebrations

Twin Soul Reunification --
The Joining
ZZ Message # 71

Divine Love:
The Ultimate Expression
Divine Feminism
(Aquarian Age )

Divine Wisdom:
The Feminine Aspect
The Power of Love

Divine Sexuality : Communion
Attitudes on Marriage
& Twin Soul Relationships,
Obligation or Celebration?
Inclusive or Exclusive?

The Power Circle
The Ultimate Expression

The Magic of Love
Goddess Tribute
(December Solstice 2007)

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