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The Full Moon facts and magicial uses

Full Moon is when the moon has reached its zenith, it forms a perfect silvery sphere in the sky. This is a time for spells that transform, increase psychic ability, for fertility spells and invocation to lunar goddesses.

This is a time of strength, love and power.
At this time the moon represents the Goddess in her Mother aspect, give praise to Cerridwen, Isis or one of the other Mother Goddesses. The period of the Full Moon lasts from about 3 days before to 3 days after the actual full moon.

Moon of Celebration"
Location: Moon is 180 - 255 degrees ahead of the Sun

Span: Fourteen days to seventeen and a half days after the New Moon.

Time of the Mother Goddess. Anu, Hera, Isis, Demeter, Freya, Luna, Diana, Spider Woman, Chaos, Frigg, Morrigan, Ta - Urt. Beautiful, radiant MoonMother. LadyMoon.

Positive activities:
Very intuitive and productive time. Especially: Fertility; Magic; Dreams; Meditation; love; Matters of the home; Beauty; Money; Creativity; Psychic abilities. A time of heightened feelings. Not a good time for major decisions for they will be colored with emotional debris. Do not seek medical treatment, inoculations, operations are at its least favorable. Wounds bleed more, and the formation of scar tissue is more pronounced.

Major workings should occur now. This is the climax of the obvious moon power. Relates to the Growing plant as it pierces the ground.

Full Moon Rituals/Magick

Posted by Lady of the Abyss

The Full Moon each month is particularly potent magickal ally. Some of your best magick can be created under her influence and with her guidance. Although there is only one night every month which the Moon is totally full, a Natural Magician knows that two days before and two days after the Full Moon are also good times for magickal endeavors. Use the following as a guide for your spellcrafting.

January Full Moon – Wolf Moon
Good for…..
Spells involving organization, ambition, career, politics, healing for the knees, bones, teeth, skin.

February Full Moon – Ice Moon
Good for………
Spells involving science, freedom, friendship, breaking bad habits or addictions; healing for the calves, ankles, blood.

March Full Moon – Crow Moon
Good for…….
Spells involving music, art, telepathy, dreams, healing for the feet and lymph glands.

April Full Moon – Planter’s Moon
Good for….
Spells involving authority, rebirth, leadership; healing for the face and head.

May Full Moon – Flower Moon
Good for……
Spells involving love, money, acquisition; healing for the throat and neck.

June Full Moon – Strawberry Moon
Good for…..
Spells involving communication, writing, travel; healing for the arms, hands and lungs.

July Full Moon – Blood Moon
Good for…….
Spells involving the home and for honoring lunar gods and goddesses; healing for the chest and stomach.

August Full Moon – Corn Moon
Good for…..
Spells involving authority, courage, fertility; healing for the upper back, spine, heart.

September Full Moon – Harvest Moon
Good for……
Spells involving employment, health, diet; healing for the intestines and nervous system

October Full Moon – Hunter’s Moon/ Blood Moon
Good for………
Spells involving justice, unions, balance (spiritual and otherwise), artistry; healing for the lower back and kidneys.

November Full Moon – Snow Moon
Good for……….
Spells involving power, psychic growth, sex; healing for the reproductive organs.

December Full Moon – Cold Moon
Good for……….
Spells involving travel, sports, truth, animals; healing for the liver and thighs.

It is very likely that you will find different names for each month’s Full Moon, depending on which source and traditions you use. It really makes no difference what you call the Full Moon; these correspondences still apply. And of course, you don’t have to wait for the “correct” Full Moon. These guideline just help add the appropriate Goddess energy to your own natural energies to meet your desires.


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