Thursday, December 20, 2012

How To Remember Your Dreams

by Alex Lukeman

The most powerful time for us to touch the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind is in the "twilight zone? between sleep and wakefulness. During this temporary period many of the filters which our outer mind imposes have been removed. The lines of communication are more open. Material can flow more freely between conscious and unconscious. This is a good time to tell yourself that you want to remember your dreams. Try this simple technique for stimulating your memory.

1. Lie comfortably on your back as you quietly prepare for sleep.

2. Be sure that you will not be interrupted or disturbed—not a bad idea for simply going to sleep!

3. Place your hand over the center of your chest, resting lightly and comfortably. Feel the warmth of your hand and your chest.

4. Say to yourself "Tonight I am going to remember my dreams. Tonight I will remember my dreams. I want to remember my dreams,"

5, Continue to repeat this to yourself for a few minutes, You may or may not say this out loud, Be aware of your hand resting lightly on your chest. The hand signals you that you are ready to remember your dreams.

After you have done this for a few minutes, simply relax and drift off to sleep. Make sure that you have first prepared to record your dreams (have a pen and paper or tape recorder close to your bed) and that you are aware of this. Remembering and recording your dreams will become easier with paper
 My notes:
Who knows maybe it worked for her.

I found it most helpful to as you first start to wake hold onto the dream then play it back a few times  in your head.

Then write it down right away. You loose precious details when you wait for even a minute or two.

I keep a pad of paper and pen by the bed also one in the bathroom.

Remember to tell yourself to remember your dreams. And upon waking remembering should be your first thought.

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