Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tummy Relief Gift in A jar

This is a gift in a jar item I created. You simply put the teabags into a tea pot add water and it makes a wonderful soothing pot of tea. A great gift for those over eaters on your Yule time list
Makes 16 tea pot fulls

2 c camomile flowers
2 c meadowsweet
2 c peppermint
16 large sealable tea bags (4x5 inch size)

1. Mix everything together and fill each teabag with 2 tablespoons of mixed herbs. seal with a iron and place in a pretty decorated box with these directions
2. Tummy Relief Tea Place 1 teabag in a tea pot and fill with boiling water. allow to sit 5-10 minutes and serve. can add honey or sugar if wanted. but tastes great as is.
Here is a place that sells them, even if you buy them somewhere else you might want to check this link as it also gives you complete instructions as to how to seal them.

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