Saturday, January 26, 2013

Create this animated Stargate Helmet

This one I like for myself. Loved the movie and have this on my list of want to make. darn sad that I have such a long list, something for me always gets slapped to the bottom. Right now there are 4 quilts, 2 afghans, 17 faeries, ghouls, and goblins and the setting they will live in, 4 pieces of jewelry, a doll house, 2 hats, leg warmers, a incredible hulk cape. And for me A full length sweater  and this helmet. Shoot I forgot the medicine bag, 1800's shirt for a man, a poncho,  a chess set, and a full length cape all for the hubby. And I have until Yule, already cracking, 1 afghan half done and another one started, goblin sketches started, supplies being bought.

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