Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wolf Moon ~ 27th January 2013

As we continue to stabilize the energies of the recent planetary alignments of 12:12:12 and 12:21:12 be gentle with yourself. You may feel more fatigued than usual, you may be experiencing flu like symptoms, you may feel anxious, restless and seem to be revisiting old anxieties. Other days you may feel blissful, full of hope with clear vision of the next part of your journey. Dreams are more prophetic and we are easily emotionally triggered. This is part of the alignment we are all experiencing internally. With the greater frequencies of light, we continue to shed the past but have not yet created the new dream. Remember these alignments were not intended to be a one-time quick fix, this is a process of continued change and accelerated growth. We as a human species are evolving now at a much higher frequency and are needing to ride the wave of this energy. You need more time for rest, more time for play and certainly more time to experience the beauty of this journey. It is certainly not boring to walk upon this magnificent earth-star but will require commitment and dedication to step forward.

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