Saturday, January 19, 2013

Got Your Back - Easy Protection Spells

Every now and then, it would be nice to have a little extra layer of protection that would make us feel safer and more at ease. Without limiting your social outings and interactions with people, you can enjoy this comfortable sense of security. You can cast an easy spell to protect yourself or the ones you love.
Remember that spells are not designed to solve your problems, but are rather meant to assist and empower the proactive approach you choose to take.

Below is a simple and easy protection spell with multiple purposes. It can be used to protect yourself from harm or from someone who wishes you harm. Another quick spell can be performed to help protect your home.

Protect Thyself, and a Friend

Since another person is involved in the casting of this easy protection spell, the process can not only serve to protect you, but your assistant as well.

Materials Needed:

4 small, cylindrical candles of the same color (white, blue or silver/grey)
A small box, such as a shoe box
2 swords
Glitter, preferably the same color as the candles (NOT confetti)

This easy spell can be performed indoors, but is better suited for outdoors, in a secluded space, in the calm of the evening. It is also recommended that it be done on a day of an uneven number, such as the 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc., so that the spell can offset the “negative” energy.


Find a quiet space outdoors – patio or lawn.
Place a makeshift box in front of you and set the candles at each corner of the box.
Ask your friend to light the candles.
Ask your friend to sit with his back against yours.
Take the swords out of their sheaths and place them in an “x” position in front of you.
Take the glitter and sprinkle it over the exposed swords.
Say the following words:
“In the shadows, evils hide,
Ready to draw me from love’s side,
But with your help I shall be strong
And banish all that do me wrong
Send them away, send them astray
Never again to pass my way.”
Blow out the candles.
Put the swords back in their sheaths.
Rest at ease and let the good feeling overcome you.

Easy Home Protection Spell:

This is a simple protection spell that will help guard your home against anyone who may wish you misfortune or from any unforeseen disasters.

Materials Needed:

1 glass jar
Multiple pieces of broken glass
Red vinegar or lemon juice
3 tablespoons of coarse salt
3 cloves of garlic, crushed

1. Place the pieces of broken glass into the jar to fill it at least halfway up.
2. Mix the salt and garlic together to make a paste and drop the mixture into the jar.
3. Fill the jar with the vinegar or lemon juice so that it covers the broken glass.
4. Seal the jar tightly.
5. Turn the jar upside down 3 times.
6. Place the jar behind your front door.

You can now feel safe.

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