Thursday, January 24, 2013

Using small balls of yarn to complete a project

1. I use partial skeins to create scarves, hats and baby hats.

2. If there is not enough to do that I will use them as one continuous skein tied together to make a multicolored blanket for the car for over your legs or kiddies on a cold winters day. I use two skeins together to make it doubly warm.

3. Make squares using the same sized crochet hook and same amount of stitches. then just crochet together to create a great block afghan. I just started mine. You can make some all one color and some a combo of colors as you get extra parts of skeins until you have a afghan. Then you can turn them if you want the stitches to go in different directions or make them the same direction for a continuous look.

                     one color

many colors in one square (you can see I need some more bits of yarn to complete)


same direction layout for making a afghan

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