Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday (Thors day)

Daily Magickal Influences: Thursday (Jupiter) expansion, money, prosperity, generosity
Making enchanted brews or teas 
Enchant your herbs at the appropriate moon phases and signs (or other planetary aspects) before preparation by running your fingers through the herb while visualizing your need. You may want to simply enchant the finished potion. 
Gerina Dunwich uses a chant that I really like:

Herbal potion, cauldron brew,
Now be charged with magic true.
With intent I speak this charm,
All be blessed and none be harmed.
Ever minding the rule of three,
As I will, so mote it be.

Or how about:

Brew of flowers, Witches' tea,
Filled with magic powers be.
A chant you create yourself will have more power and pertain to the spell you are casting. Remember to visualize and focus your intent into the potion and herbs.
So how do you know which sort of potion to make?
If I want my magic to affect my environment, I might make a magickal perfume.
These work well in harmony spells, or to attract a mate, or for glamor  spells.
I like oils for anointing myself and my tools (including poppets).
Flower essences: use the mugwort flower essence before reading tarot cards.
Make a decoction if I wanted a dandelion root potion for a psychic boost. The potions that use brandy, gin, or vodka are for long term storage.
Mugwort tincture with all the fresh mugwort from my garden(Tinctures are also excellent for healing potions).
healing potions chant to use while making courtesy of Dunwich

Witches' potion, I enchant thee
By intent and thrice told verse.
Be a tool of magic for me
Work thy spell to heal and nurse.
Witches' potion, be now blessed
By power of the universe.
In the cauldron effervesce,
Maladies and pain disperse.
Harming none I know decree
This charm is done. So mote it be!

Repeat this three times as you visualize your intent while the potion boils or brews.
As with poppets, if I'm adding more than one herb, you like to add them in multiples of three. For instance, for a divination potion, you might choose mugwort, yarrow, and dandelion root. You would make a decoction of my dandelion root, take off the burner, then steep (infuse) mugwort and yarrow
in the decoction.
For prosperity, you might make an infusion of herbs you know are safe to drink, or you might make a wash to sprinkle your work area and wallet with the inedible mandrake or may apple or periwinkle. The possibilities are endless.

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