Thursday, January 17, 2013

Herbs and spices to cleanse home and hearth

This process starts with a good cleaning of the space you dwell, tidy up, dust, sweep and wipe down, when done its time to purify and cleanse, doing this will make the space feel welcome and relaxing and it’s a simple step to a magical home, most of what you need may be in your kitchen spice/herb cupboard,
A list of herbs and spices and there magical uses: 

Sage: the most used herb for Witches and native Americans.. Sage is a must have, I grow it fresh and dry it during the summer but also keep a pot in a sunny window all the year.Sage: planet (Jupiter) used for Wisdom, Protection and healing to name a few.

Lavender: planet (Mercury) folk name – elf leaf … uses is creativity, commutation and intelligence to name a few

Thyme: thyme is the jack of all herbs and is best known for purifying but have many, many other uses

Rosemary: Planet – Sun, used in success, purifying and achieving personal goals

Nutmeg: planet (Jupiter) used in luck and strength to name a few,

Cloves: this is a hard working spice and will do many things so of which are- uses to drive away negativity and hostility.

Frankincense: used in purifying

Cinnamon: this is a strong spice and will add a lot to spells and give you’re casting a big punch and it has strong lasting powers,

Well now we have a list of what we need to protect our homes, now to do so

Using mortar and pistol crush each spice and herb (frankincense) can be a stick found in the candle dept, just crush.
Mix all herbs and spiced and place in a glass container using a tea spoon of your mix and a burning disk go to each room and say a small blessing:

Rid this home of all negativity, may only light and love remain,
Now your home is cleaned and blessed

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