Friday, January 18, 2013

Ostara Ritual/Spell for needful things

So often in the mundane life we need things that quite frankly we might not kill us to not have but, having them would make life so much easier.

Ostara, a time of new seeds breaking through their snowy realms to bring forth a fruitful and prosperous new beginning.  

This ritual can be done by one or a coven and is a wonderful way for young kids to start their spell work.

Ostara Egg Spell By KarlynRayne

For each person you will need
an egg
magic markers, crayons, pen and ink, or paints.
A place to bury the egg like a flower pot or gardens edge where it will not be stepped on.

Now to start

Envision  what you wish to  have completed this year. Maybe more money, all your bills paid, a vacation to relax, your child in college, a new career, house, a new relationship. It doesn't matter what it is. Don't be surprised if your child draws a pet. Remember the more detail the better the result

When you have a clear picture of it and fully feel the excitement of achieving your goal, start putting your needs to the egg in a form of pictures. As you paint/draw envision having it already happening while you work.

When your creation is ready take your egg and put it on the table in a nest for your Ostara celebration. This allows you to really visualize your needs.  After dinner take your egg outside and put some dirt in a pot and place your egg in the pot. carefully place a seedling in the pot or some seeds. water while reciting this:

By the light of the moon and the warmth of the sun,
Your new life has begun.
Connected by this plant and intent,
Nurturing energy has been sent.

By the light of the sun and the mystery of space,
my will is manifesting within this place.
Within my heart it will always be,
And now it will manifest for all to see.

make sure you care and nurture your new seedling. If it grows and flourishes so will your request. It is a wonderful way to start your child into gardening and spell work.

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