Saturday, January 19, 2013

Venus Weight Loss Spell

Venus is the Roman Goddess of not only love, but also beauty and self-esteem. She is often called upon during spellwork that regards one's appearance and confidence. The Venus weight loss spell focuses on changing your look and inspires self-acceptance. It does not require much in the way of props as the emphasis is placed on intent. Instead of generating magickal power, the spell concentrates on asking Venus for assistance and guidance.

You should try to cast the weight loss spell on a Friday, the day of the week that honors Venus and enhances her power to its highest level. You should also plan it during the waning phase of the moon (two weeks after a full moon), which is the ideal time to perform all magick that concerns the breaking of habits and removal of obstacles.

Casting the Spell
The first step to casting the Venus weight loss spell is to light a pale pink or lavender candle. Stand in front of a full-length mirror naked, or scantily clad. Envision yourself thinner and healthier, and focus on the positive effects of losing that extra weight and the joy of reaching your goal. Examine the issues that are keeping you from attaining your desired weight, be it poor eating habits or lack of physical exercise.

Now recite the following chant three times to invoke Venus, while allowing your body to be receptive to her energy, and your mind open to her assistance:

I call you Venus, Goddess of beauty and love
I invoke your power and guidance from above
I seek to lose this extra weight,
Bring me to a more beautiful state.
Help honor the vow I make this night
To improve my appearance in my sight
Thank you Goddess for your power
I thank you now, in this hour.

Once the weight loss spell is complete, you can further your relationship with Venus by occasionally adding a few items to your altar. It will help perpetuate her energy into your life and further encourage you to reach your goal. Fresh apples and pomegranates are closely associated with Venus, as are seashells and pearls. A small group of these offerings will complete the ritual though it is not necessary for the spell to be effective.

A large part of Venus' influence is directed toward acceptance - being happy with your appearance. If you do not lose as many pounds as you had hoped for, do not let that discourage you; continue to make the effort to slim down, and trust in the ongoing magick of Venus. You will eventually discover that you are generally more content. Anxiety over a struggle to lose weight is often a stumbling block. Instead, align yourself with Venus; her energy will help you become a healthier you.

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