Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crochet Craft: 1920 Babby Bonnet

I saw a picture of this cute kid in a beanie with a large flower on the top (but off center a little) and was thinking it was so cute. Well it was either start learning to read stitches (which I really have no desire) or recreate it. So here it is. It was way too easy and took about 30 minutes including the flower
  Takes about 30 Minutes. I used regular yarn. not baby yarn. 

2 leftover skeins of yarn each a different color
1 crochet hook (i used a j hook)but kept the stitches tight 

Note: I picked up only the back top stitch to create each row. This gave it a line effect for each row. Remember this is for the entire hat.
Making a circle 
 Stitch out 3 stitches and then for the first row go around the original stitches doubling the stitch in each hole. Do that for two more stitches. It will look like a small circle. Then a row of straight stitching. From there I added two stitches in one hole, then regular stitch then 2 in one again and continued around that row. Then a row of straight stitching. Then add a stitch as you feel it needs and extra until you have 36 stitches and just continue stitching 36 stitches until you get 14 rows and tie off.
 For the flower. 

 I started thinking rose but after completing it looks like a Pansy with three distinct pedals. Could just be in the way it went together. But you could simply row it instead of gather and have a rose. Stitch 30 stitches. then make one line of stitches and pull end down to close. Now take a piece of yarn and stitch through at the original stitches. pull or gather your choice. I pulled. Then each side is together sew onto the hat with the ends that are attached.

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