Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jewelry for your scarf

Light almost see through scarfs are coming back into season. You know the ones that you put around your neck or even your waist and tie or just hang. Well this is jewelry for that. You just thread through and wear. It is especially beautiful on a black dress with a black scarf, the white pearly beads really shine in their glory. But you can make these any color to accent any outfit or even blend the same color on color. this is a quick easy project (about an hour) and a wonderful addition to any spring scarf wardrobe

 Prep time: 1 Hr   Serves: makes one scarf holder

196 ( 8mm) beads
52 (11x8mm) pear beads

1. First you string the 8mm beads into a necklace and tie off.
2. Then you pull out and from one end you count 7 each way. there is your first line across. string 4 pear beads and tie off at each end of the necklace. Then count 7 round beads and put your next row of 4 pear beads and so on.
3. you will have 13 rows of pear beads going across with 14 round beads at each end and 7 on each side in the middle making 14 round beads (between the two sides)in between each set of pear beads.
4. this is the finished product before you thread your scarf

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