Sunday, January 13, 2013

Easy tempura style dinner with Strawberry Mango Jalapeno jam

Experiment night. Found a recipe and wanted to add onto it . the original was found here and posted by Ralph Creamer

This is what I did with it.

Easy Asian style dinner

3 1/4 c self rising flour
1 dash cumin
1 dash ginger
1 dash paprika
1 dash salt
3 plus cups water, warm (original said 1 cup. was a rock and not all blended with 1 cup)
2 chicken breast, boneless
1 medium onion
fresh small button mushrooms
oil, for frying

Take a large mixing bowl add all dry ingredients, then add the water, mix until thick enough to coat mixing utensil
Put into a frying pan, 2 to 3 inches of  oil, Take Chicken Breast, Cut Into Bite sized pieces. Also chunk cut the onion. leave mushroom whole.

Heat oil to 350. Then take a fork and pick up chunks and dip 1 at a time. place in fryer until all have a nice golden brown appearance.

Serve with the glaze below.

                                         served slightly glazed with sauce/jam recipe below

Strawberry Mango Jalapeno jam

Cook time: 40 Min  Prep time: 10 Min  Serves: 4-6 jelly jars

3-5 medium jalapeƱo peppers (your choice)
1 mango, firm
12 lg strawberries, fresh
6 1/2 c sugar
1 1/2 c apple cider vinegar
1 pkg sure jell (dry)
Put mango, peppers, strawberries and vinegar in a blender and blend well. Pour into a large casserole type sauce pan. Add the sugar and sure jell. Cook 10 minutes after it comes to a boil.
Have prepared jelly jars hot and ready. Also have boiling water ready for a boiling water bath.

Take jelly off the stove and skim off foam. Let cool 2 minutes and put into jelly jars and seal. put the jars in the boiling water bath and after it comes to a boil time it for 15 minutes and take out. Caution very hot. Use canning tongs. Set a side to cool. check seals after they are completely cool.

 Other uses for the jam
 1. First you have to make the recipe above then try these ideas
2. Dinner tonight was
3. cream cheese covered with the jelly and served with crackers or chips
4. As a glaze for any BBQ meat. Especially good on sliced kielbasa, polish sausage, pork chops and steaks, and any chicken including wings
5. As a glaze for kabobs, meat, veggies or fruit
6. As a marinate for anything from meats to veggies or even fruits.
7. As a glaze for grilled eggplant
8. As a glaze for grilled pineapple.
9. Tucked inside a wonton or eggroll with cream cheese.
10. as a sandwitch spread for subs or sandwitches
11. As a sauce for a veggie pizza using the basic recipe fromany of these Then drizzling the jelly over top to kick it up a notch.
12. it would even by great over an omlet in the morning
13. As a dip for shrimp, wontons. chicken strips, fried clams, gater tail, grouper or cod fish, French fries (especially the steak fries), onion rings, and deep fried mushrooms
14. In place of the egg wash in any breaded meat like fried chicken or gater tail
15. To add a kick to many soups especially hot chinese soups.
16. drizzled over spegetti noodles for a healthy tastee and quick dinner.
17. as a dip with fried green tomatoes or as the egg wash for fried green tomatoes
18. as a marinate for jerky.
19. As a salad dressing
20. and this dish now

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