Sunday, January 13, 2013

Homemade Brown Rice Milk

This one is not as easy as oat milk and it is whiter in color even though I used brown rice. However the pulp is darker and also makes 1/2 cup pulp. The actual drink is also thicker than store bought rice milk by close to double so you will want to play with the amount of water you add after. I saw many different recipes and each with different amounts of water stay tuned for what I make with the brown Rice Pulp.

This recipe requires a slow cooker

1/2 cup Brown Rice
8 cups water

Slow cook on high 4 hours.  Turn off and add 1 cup sugar (or sweetener if you wish) allow to cool and blend in a blender making sure the blender is not over 2/3 full each time. Run the blended milk through a sieve  or cheese cloth. You will have 1/2 cup pulp left over and your rice milk made 1 qt rice milk. I added vanilla after 1 teaspoon.

Next time I will use the same amount of rice but 10 cups of water. 

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