Sunday, February 3, 2013

An different addition to a basic Zig Zag Baby Afghan.

This one I used only two yarns. The big ones. One in white, and one in a cream, pink and blue mix. Then to try something new I added a flower of yarn.

1 lg skein white yarn
1 lg skein multicolored yarn
bits of green for the leave and center and red for the flower pedals
thread to secure flowers petals

 It was made in the same zig zag pattern as I always use. check out my others on here.

To make the flower I made 9 stitches then circled around then first down one side then adding a stitch at the top I worked down the other side stopping one stitch short of the end and tied it off. I did that for the Flower petals, the leaf and the center of the flower which I then rolled together and secured into a ball. I secured each to the yarn then folded the petals and secured the ends with thread.

Two other baby afghans I made
                                      This one is multicolored and made with partial skeins

                           The next one was done with bright yellow, a light yellow, Eastery green and white.
                                                Both are great ways to use partial skeins.

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