Friday, February 22, 2013

Maiden Ritual-

This is ritual is to heal and strengthen your maiden self. Perform at the New Moon when the waxing crescent first appears.

You will need: a new white candle, flowers (white preferably), mugwort. edible seeds, a chalice with water, images of maidens, a sachet filled with lavender, saffron and laurel to place in bath water.

As the sun sinks into the west and the crescent follows it into the sky, put on some gentle flowing music, light some candles around your ritual room, and burn some of your favorite incense. Prepare a ritual bath with the sachet.

Bathe taking your time. Celebrate your beauty and womanhood. As the water washes over your body, imagine it washing away tiredness, stagnation, and negative attitudes. Wet your hair and feel negativity leave your thoughts and memories. Raise from the bath and say to yourself:

"I am Maiden, beautiful, renewed, refreshed, reborn."

Dress in something that makes you feel beautiful or go sky-clad. Put flowers in your hair. Dance before the altar, imagine Maidens dancing with you.

When you feel ready seat yourself before the altar. light the white candle and say:

"With this flame I ignite within me the spirit of the Maiden."

Ring a bell or drum for a few minutes, do some deep breathing, concentrate on the candle flame. When ready look at the images of the Maidens or see Maidens in your minds eye. Say:

"I am whole unto myself
I am a bright maiden
Strong, invincible, and free
I am a dark maiden
Cloaked in veils and mysteries
I am the pulse of the sun
And the pull of the moon
Flowing from one to the other
In perfect harmony
Where I walk
None can hinder me
I am maiden
Forever young and free."

Chant these words over and over if you wish. Feel the meanings move through you. Take some time for meditation. Ask the Goddess to send you strong images of powerful Maiden Goddesses and role models in your every day life. See the images before you float towards you and become one. Take up the chalice and drink deeply. Say:

"Maiden Goddess
I drink of thy sweetness and strength
And so am I filled with thy spirit."

Eat a seed and say:
"As this seed sprouts new life
So am I filled with vitality."

When you feel complete, ground the energy and snuff out the candle.

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