Thursday, February 14, 2013

Magickal names of common Herb’s

                                                This is good for reading old spells

Wiccan Name                                                                  Common

Adder’s Mouth                                                               Stitch Wort
Adder’s Tongue                                                              Dogstooth Violet
Ass’s Ear                                                                        Comfrey
Bear’s Ear                                                                      Auricula
Bear’s Foot                                                                    Stinking Hellbore
Beehive                                                                          Snail Plant
Begger’s Tick                                                                Cockhold
Bird’s Eye                                                                      False Hellebore
Birds Tongue                                                                 European Ash
Bloody Fingers                                                              Foxglove
Bull’s Eyes                                                                    Marsh Marigold
Bull’s Foot                                                                    Coltsfoot
Calf’s Snout                                                                  Toadflax
Catgut                                                                            Hoary Pea
Cat’s Eye                                                                       Star Scabious
Cat’s Foot                                                                      Canada Snake Root
Cat’s Foot/Paw                                                              Ground Ivy
Cat’s Milk                                                                     Wartwort
Chicken Toe                                                                  Crawley Root
Cock’s Comb                                                                Yellow Rattle
Cow’s Tail                                                                     Canada Fleabane
Crow’s Foot                                                                   Cranesbill
Devil’s Milk                                                                  Wartwort
Donkey’s Eyes                                                              Cowage Plant
Dove’s Foot                                                                   Cranesbill
Dragon’s Claw                                                              Crawley Root
Dock’s Foot                                                                  American Mandrake
Fairy Fingers,Gloves                                                    Foxglove
Flesh and Blood                                                            Tormentil
Fox Tail                                                                         Club Moss
Foal’s Foot                                                                    Coltsfoot
Frog’s Foot                                                                    Bulbous Buttercup
Goat’s Beard                                                                  Vegetable Osyter
Goat’s Foot                                                                    Ash Weed
Hare’s Food                                                                   Clover
Horse Tail                                                                      Scouring Rush
Horse Tongue                                                                Hart’s Tongue
Hound’s Tongue                                                            Vanilla Leaf
Jew’s Ear                                                                        Fungus on Elder or Elm
Lamb’s Tongue                                                              Ribwort Plantain
Lizard’s Tail                                                                   Breast Weed
Mother’s Heart                                                               Shepherd’s Purse
Mouse Ear                                                                      Mouse Blood Wort
Mouse Tail                                                                     Common Stonecrop
Negro Head                                                                   Vegetable Ivory
Old Man’s Beard                                                           Fringe Tree
Ox Tongue                                                                     Bugloss
Rabbit’s Foot                                                                 Field Clover
Shepard’s Heart                                                             Shepard’s Purse
Snake’s Head                                                                 Balmony
Snake’s Mile                                                                 Blooming Spurge
Snake’s Tongue, Adder’s Tongue                                  Fern
Squirrel Ear                                                                   White Plantain
Stag Horn                                                                       Club Moss
Swine Snout                                                                  Dandelion
Toad                                                                               Toadflax
Unicorn’s Horn                                                              False Unicorn
Wolf’s Claw                                                                   Lycopodium
Wolf’s Foot                                                                    Bugle Weed

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