Friday, February 15, 2013

Gemstome Wheel

You should always keep a gemstone with your Astrological color with you for good luck. Below are the Astrological colors and a guide chart to the gemstones and colors.

Aries: red, carmine red, black
Taurus: blue, pink, brown, green, colorless
Gemini: violet, varicolored
Cancer: silver, white, soft shades
Leo: gold, orange, yellow, bright red
Virgo: grey, navy-blue, spotted
Libra: rose-color, blue, pink, pastel shades (black/white)
Scorpio - Reds, black, purples
Sagittarius: purple, blue
Capricorn: black, dark shades,
Aquarius: electric blue, lilac, colorless
Pisces: sea-green, red-violet

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