Monday, February 11, 2013

Craft Kids hat with pig tails

I chose a Pinkish Burgundy (regular size width) along with a forest green (thin width)skein of yarn to make this cute hat. I used them together with each stitch. I also revised the process for a much nicer finished product. This is how to do it yourself.

I skein regular width
1 Skein thin width
1 crochet hook size K

Start with 3 stitches and remember you will be creating a circle not straight stitching.
second row put two stitches in each one hole and continue around to encircle the first row with the double stitches.
Third row and there after until you get the size of the head area will be one stitch then double stitch (two stitches in one hole) continue around row after row with the same 1 stitch then two stitches then one stitch and so on. Once you get the top part sized then simply continue with single stitches. after a few rows you will see it will round out into a hat. continue until it fits on the head while covering the ears. No need to stitch around the bottom to finish off as your stitches have already done that. Next decide what length you wish the pig tales to be. remember they will pull up slightly as the yarn is braided. The actual color ofthe finish product will look like this

 Now here is where I include the color of the kids hair into the mix.

1 partial skein of the kids color hair (I chose brown)
left over skeins from above

Cut the kids color into 24 pieces
cut each of the other two colors into 12 pieces each

You will be cutting them twice the length you want them to be because you will be securing them as a double strand. The picture below shows you how far into go

Decide where your front and back is and start a little in from the back part to place your first part of the pig tail. seperate all the yarn into six parts. then take the 8 pieces of yarn (4 kids color and two each of the others). These will be done in groupings of three to create each part of the two braids.

Then starting on the row before the last row pull all eight strings into each of the next three holes. I did mine 4 stitches in and  the next two holes. pull so the ends are even and braid each pig tale. then tie with a piece of the kids hair color yarn. You can add barrettes if you wish.  and you are done.
This shows how the back will look and it also gives you an Idea of what I mean. the center grouping seams to hide when you braid it. this will keep the braids secure.

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