Monday, February 11, 2013

Easy Crocheted shawl with the new thick bumpy ultra soft yarn.

You will need three skeins of what ever color you choose. I used the blue with bits of red, green, gold in it. I liked it because it can go with jeans as well as a dress. The perfect addition for your shoulders on a cool night and the perfect quick grab when you are rushing outside for something. I already love mine for snuggling down with a good  TV show at night.

3 skeins ultra soft big bumpy yarn color was "painted desert"
1 large crochet hook  (mine is an inch across)

Picture to show size of hook in proportion to my hand and stitch.
The next show the stitches up close
It further show the texture of the yarn.

The pattern is ultra simple just stitch straight across doing 25 stitches. (I did that because it covers from my neck to my elbows comfortably plus a bit more. Now simply stitch all three skeins and you are done. I was left with not quite enough to make another row when I stopped. No need to stitch around as the shawl looks fine as is. The finished product is between 5' 6" to almost 6 feet long. It wraps comfortably around my shoulders and goes to my groin hanging in front.

I had make an old fashioned shawl about ten years back from the same type of yarn. That one I did with the same hook but did a triangle shawl.

With that one you stitch 110 stitches with that huge hook.
do three rows of that then drop one from each side and do a row as is then drop another from each side and continue with a regular row and the drop stitch row then regular row and so on. you will continue until you have a triangle.  Mine is over 6 1/2 feet long and 3 1/4 feet wide at the peak. After ten years and numerous washings it has held up very well. Pictured below

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