Sunday, February 3, 2013

Matching Hat and Scarves for Adults

I never bothered to learn to read the patterns so I make up my own. I find it relaxing to create something original. The scarves and hats are made with two colors used in each stitch. The one set is brown and a bright orangey color. The other is a set with 2 colors. but doubled with 2 other colors. Then so it wasn't just striped I cut the first skein in half and put 1/2 at the last and 1/2 at the front. Only basic stitch was used doubled yarn used 4 skeins in all. The colors were lt blue, medium blue, brown and cream.

 The lt blue was at the front 1/4 and back 1/4 with the cream in the middle. Then with the second yarn (remember it is stitched double) the brown is used then at the half way mark it is replaced with the medium blue.
1. Scarf The scarves are straight stitched across 15-25 stitches depending on the size of the crochet hook and the size of the person you are making it for. Then I crochet them so they start at your waist, wrap around your neck once, and go to your waist again. that way they can double it or even put it around the head then wrap the neck. Then stitch around the scarf twice. To create a finished look. This one was done with a k hook and 17 stitches.
 Hat The hat is done by stitching 8 stitches with a J hook with two strands of yarn then stitch around it and around it, adding stitches as you need to create a round beanie like a Rabi would wear, then stitch 1 straight line out from that 8-10 stitches for an adult, check by holding on head and checking how far the stitches go. then stitch a straight set or stitches like you were making a scarf. so you will have a Rabi beanie with a small scarf like thing coming off the beanie. checking to see if you have stitched enough by encircling the beanie with the scarf. then from the inside stitch around connecting the hat together. once that is done stitch around the rim of the hat 2 times. you can attach a tassel at the top or make braids from yarn down the side if wanted. The actual pattern is at this link

This hat I used the remainder of the 4 skeins but each cut in half and alternated the colors on each skein to create a hap hazard pattern of color.  I trimmed in what was left. Eric took it over right away.
 The other set is brown and a bright orangey color. Then I trimmed in brown  to set it off and added tassels at the bottom of the scarf There was more orange than brown so the tassels were three orange 1 ste of both colors and continue across.

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