Tuesday, February 5, 2013

With Valentines day almost upon is Lets talk Goddesses

Hathor The wife of Ra and a Egyptian goddess usually depicted as a cow goddess with head horns in which is set a sun disk with Uraesus. She is the essence of the principles of Joy, feminine love and motherhood. She was one of the most important and popular deities in the history of Ancient Egypt. Hathor was worshiped by Royalty and common people alike in whose tombs she is depicted as "Mistress of the West" welcoming the dead into the next life. Her other roles were the goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility who helped women in childbirth, as well as the patron goddess of miners.In a complicated relationship Hathor is at times the mother, daughter and wife of Ra and, like Isis, is at times described as the mother of Horus, and associated with Bast.The Ancient Greeks identified Hathor with the goddess Aphrodite and the Romans with Venus.
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