Monday, February 11, 2013


What you'll need:
A small water tight jar black cord a pen filled with blood ink or ink that resembles blood
A bowl of water a black candle a piece of blank paper
How you do it:
Call the corners. End with South the fire corner and light the black candle.
Take the pen and write the name of the person you wish to bind on it, concentrate on the anger
and hate you feel toward this person, throw this anger into the paper, then fold the paper thrice.
Take the black cord and wrap it around the paper, at the same time repeat...
(name of person) I bind you from harming me
Do this until the cord covers the paper completely (use your Athame to cut any remaining cord).
Place the paper into the jar.
Take the black candle and allow wax droplets from it to fall into the bowl of water then pour
the water into the jar and seal it.
Place this jar into the back corner of your freezer where it will not be disturbed, as you do this say 

"stay there and freeze, for as long as I please."

Allow the candle to burn out and only remove the jar should you wish to do a different binding
or spell against the same person or if you wish to relinquish control back to that person.

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