Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stone Lore- Petoskey Stone

Petoskey Stone is a type of fossilized colony coral found only in Michigan, USA, the coral lived during the Devonian period about 350 million years ago when Michigan had a warm inland sea. Because of the "eye" configurations it shows when polished, it is said to mystically help stimulate the third eye and psychic awareness. Petoskey Stone is also said to keep naughty spirits from channeling incorrect information or interfering with one's life. In particular, as far as awareness, Petoskey Stone is said to enhance awareness of the emotions, which can be a boon for dealing with emotional issues. It is also said to clear out negative energies from the aura and the environment. It is related primarily to the third eye chakra as well as the crown chakra.
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  1. I love learning about the properties of stones and I have a special like to the petoskey, but did you realize that the photo of the petoskey stone is the property of mine “fossillady”. It’s okay that you use it as long as you provide either a link to my wordpress site or hubpages site where you must have retrieved it. Or at least provide the source under the photo itself. That way when people do a search it will eventually lead them to my site as well and not just yours. Would very much appreciate it, Thank you, Kathi aka Fossillady

    1. I am so sorry no idea where I got the picture please send me a link and I will be glad to post it


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