Monday, February 11, 2013


A binding spell is a method of grasping the (negative) energy that is driving a person to
cause harm and stopping it. By doing this spell you are putting up a block to halt the
unhealthy energy. You will use a poppet.
Fill it with as many items from your enemy as you can muster.
Even if you can only procure hair from their hairbrush it will be sufficient.
These items (whichever you are able to get easily) will form a magical link between you the
object of the negativity. Then place a bit of earth (grave yard dirt if you can find it), rosemary,
sage, a piece of smoky quartz & a piece of amethyst. Handwriting can be enclosed if you have
nothing else. Photos can be used also.
The phase of the moon is important but not essential.
If you are being threatened by another, you will warrant Her special attention.
If you can do the spell during the waxing moon, all the better. If not, then do not hesitate.
During the ritual, name the doll with the person's name.
Place the photo (if you have one) over the doll's head while producing a psychic link.
Then you will proceed to wrap the doll with ribbon, tape, twine or whatever you have.
Wrap the doll like a mummy. When you have finished, bury the doll and then complete the ritual.
A person can also be bound using mental capabilities.
Placing a sample of a person's handwriting & copper tightly in an old bell jar is a way of
stopping malicious gossip. When the danger is over, burn the handwriting.
If you have a garment belonging to the person, tie it into knots and bury the clothing where it cannot be found.


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  2. I've got a bartender that is really mean to everyone who comes into the restaurant. She has been rude to my little baby who is three years old. She has thrown things and tried to apologize later. She has antagonized situations and been down right mean rude and evil to many people in the restaurant. Now I know people can be mean but when is it a time to STOP. She does things on purpose to hurt people and I want it to STOP. I want her to feel what she makes everyone else feel. I want her to become humbled in such a way it will make her think about her behavior.
    Does anyone have anything I can do to Bind or make the evil ways stop?

  3. what if I don't know who sending. the negative energy

  4. I could feel the energy but I don't know who is sending the negative energy.