Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thor's Day

Today is Thursday, February 7th, the 38 day of the year. There are 328 days left in the year. The next sabbat, Ostara, is in 41 days. There will be a full moon in 17 days. Today's color is green, the planet is Jupiter (elements of air and water) the incense today are cedar, nutmeg, cloves and myrrh. 

Your activity is to bake up some whole wheat bread and bless it for abundance. Be sure to thank the gods for your family and your good health.

Carry a turquoise tumbled stone in your pocket to draw a little protective and healing energy your way.

On this date (approximately), the annual spring fertility festival known as Li Chum is celebrated in China. Bamboo and paper effigies of a water buffalo (an animal which symbolizes "new life") are carried through the streets by a temple-bound procession. After reaching the temple, the effigies are set on fire in the belief that prayers for prosperity will be taken up to heaven by the rising smoke.

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