Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pre-Spring Cleaning Bath Ritual

What is cluttering up your home, both literally and metaphorically? Now is a good time to
clear your home of clutter and to clear whatever blocks your progress. 
Begin with your altar. Is it cluttered? Clear it, put down a fresh altar cloth, and place a new white
candle on it. 
Take a cleansing bath or shower with sage, lavender, or hyssop, chanting
“Pure, pure, I am pure” 
as you bathe. (Purity was very important to the priests and priestesses in ancient times.) At dusk, light the candle. 
Look into the candle flame and meditate on its solitude and purity. Feel burdens slip off your shoulder, and open the shades so you can see the Moon. Promise the Moon and Virgo the Virgin that you will focus on what is important in life and remove whatever is blocking you. Set aside the time
between the Full and New Moon to clear clutter from your life.

By: Denise Dumars

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  1. I thank you for your posts. They keep me from dwelling on the negativity that clinical depression brings to me, and also keeps my mind off of thinking I will be homeless one day. I especially like your pre-spring cleaning bath ritual. I need that to start the positive vibrations I need to get me to get up and start cleaning. I am a 55 years young Crone and stay-at-home mom. You are my favorite go-to pages on the internet every day. I hope you will always be here. I am on facebook and would love to have you as my first and only facebook friend right now. Please find me at Sheryl Isaacs on Facebook. I am the one with the bright white and colorful confetti cover banner. Blessed Be.