Sunday, January 6, 2013

Decorating for Samhain

Halloween pumpkins.
orange tissue paper, some green ribbon, and a little black construction paper will decorate your toilet paper in your bathroom paper. Or even make them as decorations going up a stairway or as part of a centerppiece.
Hanging spiders nest.
Using a baloon, some fishing line, white tissue paper, and some plastic spiders you can make this creapy spiders nest.
Just blow up the baloon, attach the tissue paper with with diluted elmers glue. allow to harden. attach a piece of fishing line to hang it and add lines with spiders attached by tieing a leg to the line in different places or glueing them onto the line.

Green faced Jars.
Using a mason jar and spray paint designed for glass, spray the outside of the jar green. allow to dry. Then using while and black craft paint make faces on the jar. Use the jars to store things, give your party gifts in or as halloween decorations. They look awesome with the cap off and a little web material half in and half out with spiders all over. makes a creapy centerpiece for any table.

Ghostly leaves
These little accents make a big statement on a mantle with colored leaves or on a gratitude wreath.
They require only while spray paint and a black magic marker.
Take the leaves out and on a waxed paper back drop spray the leaf and let dry, making sure it didn't stick to the paper. Let dry. Repeat on the other side. Once dry bring in and let the kids do the eyes or face.

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