Monday, January 7, 2013

Lowering blood pressure naturally

So this morning a e-mail came from a witchy group I belong to called "a witches cottage". There a woman shared a link which I am sharing now and here it is

On that link it says that among the other Coconut water helps lower blood pressure. Well It also is the best cure going for a hangover. So my advice is stock up on it if it lowers blood pressure and is great for a hangover it does a lot more which I will be looking into. Remember this is not coconut milk but the water they package in health food stores and in the health food section in the grocery stores.

No on to my own discoveries. Here is Michigan as in many other states there is a movement going on towards natural herbs and one of the oldest herbs used as medicine is cannabis. Until recently cannabis was outlawed and even research on this wonderful natural herb was also outlawed. However here you are allowed to use as a medicine if registered as a patient. You can also grow it if you are a caregiver.

Although the others above are all wonderful alternatives. Cannabis is unique as you can ingest it, drink it, and smoke it. The effects of certain strains also quickly bring your blood pressure down within minutes. That is something the other do not do. It is also a preventive and cure for cancer and helps with cataracts, as well as pain or so they saw. I have found it more localizes and pins down the painful area so you can better deal and most likely find a solution for the pain.

I so often find that The difference between a doctor and a herbalist is one thing. A doctor works to relieve a problem. Usually that means they fix what ever you have symptoms you are experiencing. While a herbalist listens and finds the reason why you are experiencing the symptoms and fixes the ailment. So the choice is yours.

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