Thursday, January 10, 2013

Create a Dream Diary

I love those book sized hard bound blank books to use as a dream diary. I put at the front of the book on the first page the date of the first entry and the date of the last entry the book will hold. Check dollar stores as well as everything a dollar store for these. I buy them when they are $1. and buy as many as they have. Kids love writing in their own books so I like to have extras. I use them for dream journals, diary's, spell books, moon diary's and when I go somewhere as a sketch pad. I use most of them interchangeably but only use the Favole (Victoria Francis) Collection as spell books.

Remember to date the page. Time you had the dream. Any thoughts before going to bed that might shed light on your dream. Also any questions you might of asked before going to bed.

Then upon having a dream get up right away and write it down in detail. Do not expect yourself to remember it at 8 if you had it at 2. You will miss important info. Remember names, dates, if a clock had a time on it in the dream. look for details. if you see a paper look for a date. These are things to remind yourself of as you fall asleep.  Mine looks something like this:

January 9th 2013 1:35 AM

Question ~ Need to know how long before things will smooth out here. Hubby's always angry!


Notes of my thoughts after dream:



"how your days have been going"

By following a pattern you will have your dream and notes all together so in 3 months you can look at it and understand it.

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