Thursday, January 10, 2013

Grand neice shower is days away

My Sister Diana's youngest daughter Angela is having a baby shower on the 13th. My sister and I had lost touch with each other a few years back so I found out five days ago when the invite came. Four days ago I started for the yarn. Not a lot of time but I did it in four days, an afghan and a hat. Now I am thinking I hope it is a boy as the blue, green and white suddenly looks like a lot of blue. So I will pop out another hat today with a double string this time adding pink to intertwine with the other colors so the blanket will work as a boy or girls blanket with the hat making that happen.
 As you can see the afghan is a zigzag pattern and the hat is simple and contoured to fit the babies head.

The colors seamed to mute together into an off blue. man I hope that is not a problem. I still have to get ties.


1. Back of hat Start with 16 stitches across x 13 rows deep. 14th row drop first stitch and last stitch (you will have 14 stitches now) 15th row drop one stitch at beginning and end of row same as row 14 (you will now have 12 stitches) 16th row drop two stitches at each end (you will have 8 stitches) this is the top of the back of the hat
2. Sides/top of hat is all one piece. 18 stitches long x 37 rows deep
3. Peg stitch back to top and sides.
4. Then stitch with same yarn.
5. Turn inside out, then peg stitch lip of hat front.
6. OK only three more rows to go Line 17 crochet 1 stitch then loose one then straight stitch but loosing every other stitch when you get to the back of the hat only. (Loose a total of 4 stitches in back of hat) then loose second to last stitch at end of row. Row 18 at bottom of hat where you had peg stitched bill on hat start at the end and put a stitch then skip 1 then stitch 2 skip 1 stitch 2 all the way across ending with skip at stitch then do last one. (just do the bottom of hat Row 19 skip first stitch then stitch across loosing the last stitch. Tie off.
7. attach ribbon and you are done.

Afghan (Chevron Stitched) ZigZag

Done with a J hook as was the hat. I started with 160 stitches but after the stitch 2 stitch *8 up then three in one loop and 8 down then skip 2* repeating the loop between the * until you are at your last row you can do up and down then skip one and stitch 2. repeat on all rows and then stitch around the entire thing 1-2 times to make nice edges.

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