Monday, January 7, 2013

Hey! Joe! By Stormy Stewart (KarlynRayne)

On all hallows eve, when all is a stir.
And life as you know it all is a blur,
Think twice before you yell, Hey! Joe!,
Are his feet off the ground and clear or white as snow.
Does he stand on the ground or up in the air.
Better think twice before you dare.
For on all hallows eve not all is as seams.
Better hold on to your hat and your dreams.
You think that trick or treating is always the same.
But this time you might not end up the way that you came.
For the veil is now thinner and easier to cross,
so spirits that once were thought loss,
can come and jump into your body, then give you a toss.
Soon a Priest will be dousing you with holy water, and spouting some gibbous.
The thought of it all as left me all shiverous.
So think twice before you yell to a friend that you know
or a spirit you may soon have in tow.

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