Monday, January 7, 2013

Evolution By Stormy Stewart (KarlynRayne)

Here come the Crystals,
Coming here to Earth.
More Angelic than Human,
That is until their birth.

They are quite unlike us.
Their home is the sky.
Still they are our future
Evolution before our eye.

Yes, they are our future,
But make no mistake,
Although we teach and love them,
Our answers they will not take.

First came the Indigo's,
Different from you and me,
We thought there was a mix-up
In our family tree.

These are troublesome children,
Also known as "Blue Ray",
So we labeled them with letters
And hindered their purpose and stay.

With names like OCD, ADD, and ADHD,
Why didn’t we just see,
We were hindering our future
For they aren't like you and me.

They are warriors.
Sent to crush and smash to the floor,
All our forms of order,
For they work no more.

Religion, education, and government
Will all have to change,
With them tearing down our systems,
Won’t our lives seem strange.

So now we have the "Crystals"
Their love so pure it shines,
While their eyes,
stare straight into our minds.

Gifts we thought were extraordinary,
will now be common place.
Things like clairvoyance, psychic, and telekinesis,
Will be enjoyed by all our human race.

So please un-drug our future.
Drop the letters and see
There really was a reason
Why they aren't like you and me.

They pave the way for "Crystals",
To come and raise us above,
All the hurt and fear,
And surround us all in love.

So make your choice now,
For 2012 is a moment away,
Are we going to die,
or are we here to stay

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