Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Imbolc Crafts

On candle-mas eve offerings are sometimes left out for the goddess Brigid at Imbolc, many of which are made by hand. Why not try your hand this year at one of these crafts. Make a Brigid's cross, bed, corn doll, crown or  doll, as well as a number of other crafts to celebrate this February fire Sabbat.Looking for a simple gift you can put together to exchange with friends for Imbolc? Here are some quick and easy craft ideas.
It's often tricky to get a fire going on a windy winter night, so why not make your own fire starters? They make it a lot easier to get a blaze going on a chilly night! I spend half my summer in the woods so at this time a year I have acorns, whirly-gigs, and pine cones to rival a specialty store. My favorite is just a pine cone with some wax with essential oil on them and of course there is the lint filled toilet paper cardboard holders or any combo of ingredients put into paper egg cartons. Here is a link to making them and without a trip to the woods. http://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/homemade-firestarters/
 I would of made the cone part green and the bottom white.
Or try this wonderful looking alternative to a plain pine cone.

Also other at home things you can use to make a fire catch is Hand sanitizer, potato chips (the greasy ones), Vaseline is highly flammable, a little on a cotton ball and walla. Also duct tape is flammable and it burns a good amount of time. If you hit it with some hand sanitizer and you are all set. One year I even used a egg carton, some wax and dog fur. I had 5 husky's at the time. (always shedding)
During Imbolc, there's often snow and ice on the ground, despite the fact that this is a fire festival! Why not celebrate by combining fire and ice to create your very own ice candles?

The old custom of making a corn or grain doll of Brigid. By placing her in a place of honor in the home, you invite fertility and abundance your way.

 It is a wonderful time to make a wand to coax those tender young seedlings from their earthy beds.I have seen many beautiful ones. Perhaps you have a special rock or crystal you found this is the perfect time to incorporate it into a wand.

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