Friday, January 11, 2013

Soul Mates by KarlynRayne

First I will say soul mates are real. We all have a soul mate. There are only two reasons why you haven't met yours, if in fact you haven't yet.

1. You aren't ready, or
2. They aren't ready.

Most likely when you finely get together with your soul mate you will find they have lived parallel lives. These are a few of the things to help you can tell who your potential soul mate is or if you are both already meet.

You were in the same area of the country on a number of times through out your lives.
You most likely walked right by them. If you pass them on a street, you will never really notice them. Yet later when you get together with them you will realize you saw them at certain places or maybe just that you both must have been at the same place at times in your lives.
You may of talked to them. If you talk to them you will not have an meaningful conversation. Most likely it will be a short informational one.
You may of lived next door  to them when you were a child.
They will be some one you really will not have an opinion about either way until you are both ready to come together.
So why don't we come together at age 20 or so as we are taught will happen? Meet, fall in love, have children, and live happily the rest of our lives? There is only one answer for that.
In order for soul mates to come together, You must come in perfect love. In order to do that you must first learn what perfect love isn't. This is a personal process. Some can learn from others around them, TV, family, or a few relationships. Some of us take longer. Reliving our unlearned lessons over and over again until we get them right. This explains why so often we go into the same type of bad relationships over and over again.
The people living in this time have another way of calling our soul mates into our lives before we have fully learned  from the process I mentioned before.
This is because we are paired as soul mates to sent forth unconditional love into our universe. Once we meet each other we join in a connection that emits love into the universe. In this time and space, the veils have changed which allow us to summon our soul mates early to help our universe and it's inhabitants in this time of change.

With this approach there are conditions and risks should you decide to do this.

You must both be willing to chance the amount of alignment you have both achieved as enough to keep you together.
You must both at the same time or within the time period of the others asking to reveal their soul mate to them. Thus creating a joint connection, one to the other.
You must both be so low on your faith in such a connection while also knowing within your heart that it is real. So your heart and head will be in battle for the truth.

You only get one chance at this. If you both allow this to happen and are not ready you will blow the ability to a line in the future.
Still there is a way to still see who your soul mate is and allow them to finish any lessons they still need to before actually joining together.

The process is simple:
You must both ask to have your soul mate revealed to you, with a sign that you will recognize to be your soul mate, including what sign is that you need (this can be a thought of what you need most or a actual list), while also saying that if you are both not ready that the meeting will not influence the future meeting. You can do this by saying any form of this:

I desperately need my soul mate to be revealed to me even if only for a fleeting moment. My ability to believe is dwindling fast. I am sure my soul mate will process these traits Please reveal any of these to me as a sign. If we are not ready to come together I will not try hold them or try to keep them from completing their lessons. I wish only to renew my faith that they are out there somewhere and at the proper time I will meet them.

Only the one who is finished learning needs to include the promise to let go. But both must want and need the soul mate to be revealed.
Once a connection is asked for by both they will be revealed. If you summon your soul mate the process will be harder to connect, but in many cases the need out weighs the process of connection. For only with our soul mate can we emit the vibration of total love out into our universe.

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