Monday, January 7, 2013

Poem: Life is Funny By Stormy Stewart (KarlynRayne)

This one was written about my ex when he left me for his drugs. was a hard time in my life, but one that now I am most grateful for. It was the first thing ever published in a book and it won first page in a poem book called "Forever Spoken"

Life is funny, life is sad.
Of all the men I’ve ever had,
My love for you was always pure
While yours was cloudy and obscure.

I’ve loved you through thick and thin,
and I’ve always taken you back again.
So kiss me once and remember the day
Before you tore my heart away.

Hindsight is always to late
To find your heart will break.
Even though my efforts were constant and undying,
You still left me alone and crying.

With coke to go up and Vicodin to come down,
Your head was always spinning around.
Time flies when your high as a kite,
But it sure was lonely for me at night.

Please open your eyes and finely see,
Your not only killing you …but also me.
Until the drugs don’t rule your life,
You will never miss your wife

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